3 R's of waste management


 It is possible to reduce wastes by considering the waste management hierarchy i.e. 3Rs. Waste management refers to reduction in wastes and improvement in the entire waste management process. In the waste management hierarchy, there are three types of R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These three R’s help in reducing the number of wastes by conserving natural resources and energy. A person can contribute towards a healthier planet by refusing the number of wastes, reusing the materials and disposing of the waste items in an appropriate manner.

  1. Reduce – The first element in the waste management hierarchy is known as Reduce in which the waste materials are reduced. It has been observed that if there is less wastage, then there are fewer chances to reuse and recycle the material. It is the best way or technique to manage solid wastes. People can reduce the waste material by considering these points:
  • Buy the products that have less packaging instead of double and triple packaging products
  • Try to buy goods at bulk for reducing the overall amount of packaging
  • Don’t use disposable products such as paper plates, plastic and cups utensils
  • Try to buy those products that have longer durability                                                                                                                                                                       
  • 2.Reuse – In the waste management hierarchy, the second R is known as Reuse. People can make many things by reusing the materials appropriately. In addition, the internet can help people to generate new ideas of making any reusable products. There are various examples of reusing the materials:
  • Reuse the plastic or glass jars for storing the things. Always use sealable containers instead of plastic wrapper containers
  • To make the art and craft projects, reuse cans, boxes, containers other things.
  • Reuse toys, furniture, clothes and other things for future
  • To make book covers use paper grocery bags instead of buying the new covers                                                                                                                                      
  • 3 Recycling – In some areas, people throw their recyclables in bins and a truck comes and collects that wastes from bins. There are some recyclable centres where people leave their material. Apart from this, there are various things that we use in our routine lives such as soda cans, paper bags, cartons etcetera. These things can be recycled to create new things or replacing old ones. The recycling helps in maintaining the natural balance in the environment. Recycling can be done by focusing on these points:
  • Try to run an office of recycling programs
  • Check all the localised recycling services to know what items they accept