Advertising is considered as a mode of communication by creating awareness among clients of goods and services. According to the definition provided by Advertising association of the UK, advertisements are messages paid to promote a product and service around the world or people. Advertisers make use of all kinds of media for sending their messages among people such as endorsements, visual aids, sounds, posters, sponsorships, hoardings, social networking, radio, television, journals, magazines and newspapers etc. It is a complete industry that involves specialised organisations who create advertisements and media that runs by the people like designers, creative heads, researchers, brand managers and visualisers. A company hires an advertising agency to advertise its goods and services. Moreover, the company also briefs the agency on the brand, its imagery, the ideals and the values behind it. The concepts and ideas are converted to create the themes, layouts, text, and visuals to communicate with the user. Once the approval from the client is received then ads are published according to the bookings done by the buying unit of a media agency.

Modes of advertising

A successful campaign of advertising is considered as a useful and beneficial tool for a service or product in order to attract customers and to generate sales. There are many modes of advertising a product or service such as:

Newspapers: A business can be promoted to a massive range of customers with the help of newspaper advertising. Advertising through newspaper is one of the most effective print advertising used by businesses as well as customers. 

Magazines: A specialist magazine can effectively reach the target market easily and quickly. The potential customers read the magazines and keep them for a long time that gives the advertisement a high chance to attract their attention. The female customers can be attracted to magazines easily. Instead of limiting to a small town, the advertisement can be spread over a large area with the help of magazines.

Radios: Radio is considered as one of the most important modes of advertising goods or services across the customers or the world. If the target market listens to a significant radio station, then regular advertising can attract more new customers. The appropriate way to attract audience towards your product or service is to repeat the advertisement regularly that can further increase the costs in a significant manner.

Televisions: Television has a massive audience, so it is considered as the most effective way to promote or advertise a product or service for a business. Television advertisements have the benefit of sound, sight, movement and colour that persuades clients to buy the product and increases the purchasing power of buyers.

Social Media and Internet: Currently, most of the advertising is conducted by businesses through internet. It is the most cost-effective method to attract new customers. Thus, a business can promote its products and services among customers at a global level with the help of online media such as facebook, instagram, twitter etcetera.