Agile Project Management


This is where Agile Project Management steps a foot further than the waterfall project management approach and assists its manager to accomplish the vital milestones, with faster execution, project status precision also when the final deliverable keeps changing. It provides the managers with good visibility along with regular feedback in order to respond fast to any iteration or blockages in the process. We at assignment service Australia provide you the best assignment services with respect to agile project management topic.

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management also known as APM is a revolutionary methodology of repetitive approach towards delivering good quality work with high priority and stand out in front of the customers. We know any given project is prone to changes until the very last stage. Such changes lead to delays in the delivery and hamper the outcome of the project. Agile project management in such scenarios assists in accepting any change even if they are in the late stages of development. It basically limits the complexity of any project by dividing it into various small pieces or milestones, designing the outcome and testing for any faults and quality assurance before delivering. These milestones are called sprints and the various iterations are known as Scrum. For better understanding or any help related to such project management subject, feel free to get in touch with our experienced assignment help expert.

Working of Agile Project Management

APM scrum involves quick feedback, regular modifications basis feedback, and best quality assurance techniques. The practices APM follows include regular deployment and integration using techniques that automatically speeds up the steps involved in the delivery of the product. There is a special team which evaluates the cost and time consumed continuously with every step taken by burnup and burndown graphs to monitor the same, rather than using the Gantt chart and monitoring the progress of the project through milestones formed. One of the benefits of APM is that while using this technique or tool, having a project manager is not mandatory as in the traditional methods since the role is finely distributed amongst the members of the team.

Merits and Demerits of Agile Project Management

Supporters of APM advocate that it is the best choice as it provides various benefits like:

• Speedy deployment

• Resource efficiency

• Adaptive to changes

• Quick problem detection and rapid resolution

• Increased stakeholder engagement for higher satisfaction.

The probable downside of this technique is as follows:

• APM is not suitable for every project due diligence required

• The project tends to move away from the actual track at times due to its flexibility feature

• Minimal Documentation involved hence might not be good for certain businesses

• Might not work if goal clarity is not present

Finally, it consists of producing the requirements of the customers with good business ethics and having access to readily available information to manage time and cost. Our highly experienced assignment help experts are well versed with terms like Waterfall project management, Acceptance test-driven development, Behavior-driven development, Burndown chart, Class responsibility collaborator, etc and can provide the best services.