Change Management


Change happens due to various reasons that impact the employees, the management or the company in different ways. Change management is the process that an organisation needs to follow to manage the change efficiently. When a change is managed efficiently then it helps the company to operate smoothly, helps the company to maintain its morale, leads to open communication, and also allows the management to make decisions that can help in the success of the company.

Importance of Change Management

Change occurs in an organisation in various ways like due to leadership, due to technology or even because of human resource. Some people fear that due to technological advancement their work will be done by artificial intelligence and they will be replaced. This scenario is called resistance to change. The employees should be motivated to understand and adopt the change for which they need to be more open-minded rather than resisting the change. By opening the line of communication there will be a standard set for communication that will enhance trust in the employees which will further lead to efficient decision making. Setting a standard for change will also help in eliminating the fear, it will lead to consistency and make the workplace more innovative.


Managing Change efficiently

Some of the tips to manage the change efficiently are: -

•    Discussing the ideas related to change management with the company managers before implanting the polices related to change. Input should be taken from the managers and the employees to implement the change in an easier way.

•    It's important to understand the need of change and why is it important for the organisation, creating a sense of understanding by comparing the current scenario of the company to the scenario that will be there after the change will provide valuable insight.

•    Analysing the impact of change before implementing the policies is also essential. As the ideas and suggestions will be weighed, further input will be considered that will determine the potential ways that the change will impact the organisation. Implementing change together or all at once can cause misunderstanding and confusion that might frustrate the employees. So, it’s essential to move step-wise while also considering the impact of change on revenue, production, and manpower.

•    The ideas and suggestion should be mentioned in detail on the paper, then the changes should be discussed with the top executive so that it can be determined that how the changes can be brought with least amount of disruption to finance and human resource.

•    The employees should be well trained in relation to the change of at least 2 months prior to implementing it. Written material in the form of a memo or a letter should be circulated in the organisation to introduce the change along with its impact, and reason for the change. This way the staff members will understand why the change is being made and how the change will benefit the organisation. when the employees will understand the reason for change then they will work efficiently to adapt to the changes.