Dealing with difficult consumers


Some of the techniques that can help to deal with unhappy consumers and satisfy them with the services are: -

  • Effective Listening - First and foremost, it’s important to listen properly instead of talking back or arguing with the consumer. Let the consumer say what he wishes to and then try to explain the situation but in a calm manner. This will help to build a good rapport with the consumer.
  • Empathize – Putting yourself in the consumer shoes is the best way to understand the position and the situation that the consumer is in. Understanding the consumer and identifying the issue will help to calm down the consumers. Nodding when the consumer explains his/her problems is an effective way to empathize with the consumer.
  • Voice - If the consumer speaks loudly then it doesn’t mean that the salesperson should also speak loudly. Instead, the salesperson should speak even slowly and lower the tone. This will help to settle down the situation and the consumer's anger will disappear.
  • Considering consumer as the audience – Assuming that the salesperson is not just talking with one consumer but the whole audience is watching him while he is responding to the consumer. This strategy helps to shift the perspective and will help to ensure that the best has been done to calm the situation.
  • Control the situation – If the consumer is being angry, or verbally abusive then its important to control the situation rather than speaking back in anger. Being angry will make the situation even worse, the consumer will be lost and there will be a negative word of mouth spread by the consumer which is not good for the brand as it will ruin the reputation and goodwill of the company.
  • Don’t take it personally – When a consumer shouts or speaks angrily then remember that the consumer does not know you personally, he is angry with the salesperson. So, he is just venting out his frustration on the company’s representative. Thus, any personal comments should be ignored.
  • Interaction between humans – Each one of us has bad days due to any reason like fight with the spouse, stuck in traffic, etc. Thus, the salespersons should keep in mind that they are engaging with the consumer who is a human and he could have had a bad day due to some reason and so they should make the consumer feel good and relaxed.
  • Promise to call back – If the salesperson promises the consumer to call back then he must make sure to call him back as per the time scheduled. The consumer will like that he was remembered and that he is being given proper after-sales service.