Effective communication at the workplace


Effective communication enhances the relationship internally and externally. Internally with the staff members, employees and externally with the stakeholders or the shareholders. When the teams fail to communicate efficiently then the outcome can impact the organisation negatively. Research indicates that more than 65% of the mistakes in business are because of ineffective communication. The research also proves that communication should be more emphasized upon during employee training to prevent misunderstanding and confusion at the workplace.


Importance of effective communication at the workplace

•    Enhances team building – Effective communication helps to build a strong team because when the employees engage with each other they share their suggestions and ideas that leads to collaboration. This results in the building of a stronger unit which enhances the workplace environment leading to better team performance.

•    Boosts Growth – Effective communication contributes towards the growth of the business as the risks are mitigated, and also the process speeds up. Apart from this, it enhances employee morale that helps to keep the members in a loop making all the employees feel important for the workplace.

•    Innovation – When the employees communicate, they share their thoughts and ideas without the fear of rejection. When their ideas are liked and accepted by the top management, they feel motivated to be more innovative and creative. Today’s fast-moving workplace require open and effective communication between employees to attain success.

•    Enhanced productivity and performance – Effective communication helps to enhance the overall productivity because when the employees engage with the manager, they share their ideas, suggestions and the managers are able to understand the talent and skills of the employee which further enhance their performance.


Tips for effective communication at the workplace


•    For effective communication one must try to communicate face to face wherever possible. With the development of technology, people are now more dependent on electronic communication which is not as effective as face to face.

•    Secondly, it’s important to provide clear and concise information to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

•    Thirdly, combining verbal and nonverbal communication is a great strategy that helps to communicate efficiently.

•    Listening is an important aspect of communication which most of us do not possess. Not leniting correctly may lead to misunderstanding and conflicts. In order to communicate properly its first important to hear what the other person has to say.

•    Asking questions while communicating shows that there is active listening because when a person listens carefully, he/she should respond by either nodding, providing feedback or even asking questions to attain additional information.

•    To communicate efficiently one must make sure to not indulge in any controversial topics in office because it might offend the other person which will further impact the teamwork.

•    Lastly, providing feedback is a great way to enhance workplace communication as it also encourages open communication and the employees respond more favorably.