Social Media and Consumer Engagement


Some of the business owners face problems because they are not so used to technology and they face difficulties in communicating via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. While other business owners have adopted communication via social sites and they consider these portals as a benefit for the company.

Pros of consumer engagement through social media

  • Efficient consumer engagement – Social media portals have enhanced the ability to communicate with consumers. Positive communication with the consumers means a business opportunity which should not be left out. Negative communication or feedback from consumers means the product o service requires improvisation which is another benefit.
  • Exposure – Social media is known for its effective techniques that help in marketing and promotion of products and services which leads to brand exposure. Brand exposure is a benefit as more and more consumers get to know about the brand, its products, and services which is also a benefit for the company.
  • Promotion - These days a lot of small businessees wish to promote themselves but they cannot afford print media or expensive television commercial. Social media is the most effective and low cost medium to enter the market, engage with the consumers or the owners directly and educate them about the product or service. Having a social media presence leads to low cost and high awareness.
  • Loyalty – Dealing with the consumers face to face makes it difficult to track the consumers feelings unless the consumers share the experience or problems in details. Social media tools allow the companies to track their engagement with the consumers which can then be measured for further target marketing analysis.

Cons of consumer engagement through social media.

  • Difficult to draw line – Using social media for consumer engagement can cause trouble at times because at times it becomes difficult to draw line between professional and personal on such portals. One has to be very careful of the vocabulary, tone, and content used to engage with the consumer. One small mistake by an employee can be a big problem for the whole company.
  • Higher risk – Promoting a brand on social media can be quite risky. For instance, the advertisement related to fairness creams where women with darker complexion are targeted can be a major issue. Marketing through a video or an article is important so that nobody misinterprets the message conveyed.
  • Changing Trends – Every day some or the other up-gradation or social media site comes up, some portal which is famous now can be replaced by another feature or a portal itself. Thus, it becomes difficult for the companies to keep up with the changing trends and when they are not aware of the new trends then they may lose the chance to compete and win the situation.