Time Management At Work Place


. Such situations arise because of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances that require immediate action and attention. But these are exceptions as it happens rarely. Thus, it’s important to manage time efficiently. Time management is the prices that involve planning and control on the time spent on certain activities. It's about working smarter and not harder. Effective time management leads to a better work-life balance while it also enhances the performance so that we achieve our objectives and serried goals. Failing to manage the time can lead to: -

•    Work-life imbalance

•    Penalties

•    Stress

•    Missed deadlines leading to a loss in business

•    Poor work quality

•    Damaged reputation.

Some of the time to manage time efficiently at the workplace are: -

•    Organize – Firstly, it’s important to organize efficiently because a lot of time gets wasted in looking for things like a pen, or an important document. Organizing the place will help to look for things easily without wasting time. Being unorganized can lead to delay in the schedule and can cause harm in the long run.

•    List down the tasks – Simply putting down the tasks when starting the day is a great way to start. The tasks should be mentioned priority wise or on the basis of their importance. This way the day can be divided on the basis of short tasks and long tasks by making up the best use of the available time during the day.

•    Use Calendar – Using Calendar to fix up the meetings and appointments can be of advantage. The dates can be blocked as per the meeting date of project time so that other days can be kept free for the to-do list. This is an important step to schedule the meetings.

Benefits of time management

•    Managing time helps to complete the task on time leading to higher performance and higher work efficiency. The overall productivity goes for a toss when we work on tasks without prioritizing as the important ones are left out.

•    Secondly, it leads to better quality for work because when we manage time then we divide our days’ time for various tasks and not rush at the last moment to complete the task. Thus, the standard is well maintained.

•    There is no or minimal procrastination as the time management tricks help to work in a smarter way and not harder. time management ensures that everyone od familiar with the tasks added into the to-do list and that it should be completed as per the deadline mentioned.