An Organisational management activity that is used to set the priorities, while also emphasizing on the resources, strengthening the operations and ensure that the employees are working towards the common objective is known as strategic planning.

Social media has helped the business in a valuable manner to engage and communicate with consumers.

While running a business there is always a risk of unanticipated incidents that might happen like theft, a natural disaster, operational setback, etc. that could affect the smooth running of the business and might even cost huge loss.

Technological implementation in business has become a necessity to stay in this competitive environment.

Effective communication in the workplace is an important aspect that leads to success in business.

The consumer may always be right but at times it becomes very difficult for the store manager or the salesperson to deal with the consumer, but to stay in business it's important to handle the consumers efficiently.

Change happens due to various reasons that impact the employees, the management or the company in different ways.

Project Management is a task which is not easy to execute for any project, the expectation of the customers is that they get quality, matching the deadlines and within a set budget.But this does not end here, the expectations keep changing throughout the project execution.

Advertising is considered as a mode of communication by creating awareness among clients of goods and services.

Marketing mix is a group of variables that are used by organisations to determine the brand or product offerings.