In the current marketing, STP is considered as a significant strategic approach. It is a broad framework of marketing that simplifies the process of business activities.

Recruitment is a process where HR manager finds and attracts a large number of candidates to fill up the vacant job positions in the business.

Training and development are considered as the organisational subsystem that emphasise on the performance improvements of groups and individuals.

Brand management is a significant process of marketing in which the perceived value of a brand is planned and analysed.

The business environment is a set of all the external and internal variables that affect businesses.

Cost-Benefit Analysis is considered as a process that is used by businesses for analysing the decisions.

The changes in earth’s climate system resulting in forming new weather patterns are known as climate change.

Communication is a two-way process in which information is transmitted from one person to another through verbal and non-verbal means of communication.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business framework that helps the companies to become responsible towards society and other stakeholders.

Pollution arises from the detrimental effects on the environment that are caused by chemical wastes.