Essay Sample on Role Of Students in School


Student life is the happiest and the most crucial period of a person’s life. Student Life is not just about attending class and completing the course but they also have to ensure that they work hard and attain the expected level of mastery of a subject which should be under the guidance of the instructor. Student life is a phase of a person’s life when they acquire the needed values and also strive to work hard to attain better grades along with learning discipline, punctuality, teamwork, and also strive to become a successful person personally and professionally. Schooling is a period that shapes a person and helps them to face the challenges of life with courage and strength. The main role of the student is to actively participate in academic activities and attain good grades. The students should involve and interact with other students and teachers and ensure that they participate in classroom discussions efficiently.

Personal And Professional Development Of Students


The changing times have changed the role of students and the focus is now divided between active participation in academic as well as extracurricular activities. The student has to ensure that they perform well in both academic and other activities. To attain higher grades in class, the students have to collect learning material, for assignments, and give proper time to studies and sports. This is important for the mental and physical fitness of the student. Another important role of the student is to develop excellent communication skills, to be friendly, to be polite, and also make practical application of what they learn in school. A school is the second home for the student as the student spends a portion of their lives in school and learns the most important things in school which are useful for them throughout their lives. Being responsible is also an essential role of students in the school which teaches the students the basic key to being successful in life. A child learns to be responsible in school by watching their teachers and peers. This is what makes the student's life a golden period of an individual’s life and also provides the students with an opportunity to acquire values and qualities that make them responsible persons, and this is again important for their personal and professional development.  

Learning at home and learning at School

When a student goes to school he gets associated with his role and responsibilities and this is the primary step of learnings different things at school. Learning at home and learning at School are two essential cradles of shaping a person to face the future. At home, the parents take the responsibility for the children, and at school, it’s the responsibility of the teacher to shape the children and teach them the habits while also encouraging them to participate actively, fulfill their roles and also motivate them to be more responsive to that they can handle their bright future efficiently. If a student learns to be responsible right from the beginning that is the student's life then she or he has paved the golden path for the future. But for this, the student needs to fulfill his role by accomplishing various tasks assigned in school.

Role & Responsibility of students in School


  • Contributing to class culture - It’s important for every student to actively participate in class activities and also agree upon the classroom norms. For instance when the students are asked to answer in class then they should take the initiative to do so, without resisting the situation of hesitation. Peer-to-peer communication, being responsive to teachers and doing what they say is the role of the student.

  • Being inquisitive – Students are expected to ask questions in class to understand the problem more efficiently. The aim of being inquisitive and asking questions is to nurture curiosity. Teachers should validate this and should encourage the students to provide input on the learnings attained during the session and all lessons throughout the course. Asking questions will not only benefit the student himself but also other students who are present in class.
  • Being active participants - For an efficient learning process, the students need to come prepared to the school and participate actively. Full and proper engagement from the student maximizes the learning opportunity and also sets a learning culture for the classroom while also benefiting other students at the same time. Being active is not just limited to asking questions or answering questions but it's also about completing class assignments on time and also aligning positive behaviour to classroom culture and norms.
  • Personal Accountability – Students should acknowledge the fact that they are now a part of the learning community and that they have to be responsible for taking ownership of their actions and also being a part of the decision-making process for their career and personal life. The student also should value buildings positive culture in the classroom and should constant learning to enhance their academic performance.

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To play their role efficiently, students have to be responsible and the main responsibility is to acquire education because only then they will be able to contribute to human resources. Contributing towards becoming a better person is a contribution to the society and community for building a better nation.  Once the student gathers knowledge and skills through education they can shape their lives in a positive direction and also fulfill their aspirations and dreams. It's right that teachers are ultimately responsible for classroom management but without the help or contribution of the student, even the teacher cannot do anything. This is because a student directly informs the structure and helps in building the right learning atmosphere which further helps in the development of learning culture along with accountability and inclusivity.