Requirements Engineering

Task Summary This Assessment requires you to respond to a case study. The same case study will be used for all three assessments so that you can develop insights into the different facets of Requirements Engineering. For this assessment, you are required to produce an individual report of 1500 words (+/-10%) detailing a requirements elicitation plan for the case organisation. The report should contain the following: 1. A Stakeholder Engagement Plan detailing: a. Stakeholder list b. Areas

MITS 5004 IT Security

Objective(s) This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to improve the ability of students to critically analyse security tools and present their findings. The assignment provides an opportunity to work in a group and to achieve a joint objective. Description Each group is required to critically analyse any 2 security tools from the list and demonstrate the functionality of the tools in a video presentation. The list of tools