Strategic Management

Module Description Strategic management is concerned with the actions organisations take to deal with the challenges, opportunities and threats in their external and internal environments. The module starts by examining how organisations analyse their strategic environment in the light of their resources and capabilities. This leads to a review of how they determine their desired objectives, consider the circumstances and events that may affect outcomes, decide upon the actions they need to take

Organisational Behaviour

Purpose of this assignment The purpose of this assignment it to enable students to demonstrate their understanding of the influence of culture, politics and power upon the behaviour of individuals across a variety of business situations. Learning outcomes LO1: Analyse the influence of culture, politics and power on the behaviour of others in an organisational context LO2: Evaluate how to motivate individuals and teams to achieve a goal LO3: Demonstrate an understanding of how to cooperate effect

Management Accounting

Scenario 1 – (LO1) You have been working as An Intern at a leading Accountancy Firm. One of the clients called Excite Entertainment Ltd operates in leisure and entertainment industry in the UK. One of their major activities is the promotion of concerts and festivals at locations throughout the United Kingdom (UK). They are consulting your firm on writing a Reference Manual for their Management Accounting Department. Your Manager has asked that you prepare the first draft of the Manual for

Human Resource Management

Assignment Brief and Guidance Scenario and activity: PART 1 –The Purpose and Scope of HRM and Recruitment and Selection & the Application of HRM practices in the workplace. Case scenario ‘ChocolaFantastica’ is a rapidly expanding organisation based in South Wales, which provides tailormade chocolate-based greetings cards and presents across the UK. The business comprises a chocolate production team, a finance and marketing team and a packaging and distribution section. Ther

Hospitality Operations Management

Assignment Context and the Scenario Consider yourself as a recently joined management trainee at a UK-based multinational hospitality company and stationed at its corporate headquarters. The company is looking into expanding its product and services, including upmarket food service operations. Your manager has asked to investigate the current trends in the hospitality industry that would help the company to understand demand, pricing practices and profitability levels within the hospitality sect

Business Strategy

Task 1 – Analyse the influence of the environment on the chosen company. LO1 Analyse the impact and influence which the macro environment has on an organisation and its business strategies. You need to identify the mission, vision and objectives of IKEA. You are to critically analyse how the macro environment impacts and influences IKEA’s valid strategic decisions and tactical actions. Tips: In your answer, you are to use PESTLE analysis and Stakeholder analysis. The application of t