Task Title: KF7023 Computer Networks & Operating Systems Subject Code: KF7023 University: Northumbria University Objective: Apply in-depth knowledge and demonstrate a critical understanding of the concepts and principles of computer networks and operating systems, including security, and their application in a range of current and emerging technologies.  Overview: This is a very versatile assignment based on “Computer Organization and Operating Systems” and &l

ITC542-Internetworking with TCPIP

Subject: ITC542-Internetworking with TCP/IP Session: T3 2019 University: Charles Sturt University Resources: Lecture notes, Course Book Pyles, Carel & Tittel 2017, Internet resources, Online Subnet Calculator Assignment Overview: The assessment focuses on the concept of internetworking with TCP/IP. It undergoes comparison of various models and selecting on the basis of usability. The assignment also contains the hands-on projects that are taken as exercise from the learner’


Assignment – Wireless Networking Concepts (ITC513_201960) Subject Code: ITC513 Resources: Lecture Notes, Internet Tools: GNU Octave, MS Office Overview: The assessment includes two tasks, specifically deals in wireless communication system. The course focuses on the wireless networking concepts and plays a vital role to achieve the fluency in terms of important wireless parameters. The assessment will cover some of the vital parameters that are used to measure the performance o

MN603-T2-2019-Assignment2-Wireless Networks and Security

Task title: Design, analyze and implement a secure smart home WLAN and secure enterprise WLAN Subject code: MN603 Objective: To design, analyze and implement a secure smart home WLAN and secure enterprise WLAN. Overview: For this part of assignment, students are required to provide the proper design, analysis, as well as implementation of the secure smart home WLAN and to perform several tests. The home automation system is required to implement through the use of cisco packet tracer w

ITC514: Linux File system and Management

Task title:  file system and advanced scripting Subject code:  ITC 514 Objective To present the detailed review of a file system and advanced scripting schemes by using different platforms. Overview of assignment In order to attempt this task, students need to use two virtual machines in different platforms so that file scripting can be done easily.  The second part of this assignment is to provide account management and the third part is practical file systems.&nbs


Task Title: ICT Systems Administration Fundamentals Subject Code: KIT501 Objective: Use the knowledge of Shell programming to implement some scripts which have real-life use.   Overview: For this assignment student must implement two separate Shell scripts for two separate objectives. Script must run on the Bourne shell. The first script must provide a menu driven interface for deleting C source files. On the other hand, the second script will deals configuration file. Using thi

SET11121_2: Data Wrangling

Task Title: Data Wrangling (Part B) Subject Code: SET11121 / SET11521 Objective: Designing classifier based on supervised learning is the main objective of this task. The target classifier must classify Tweets in three categories as racism, sexist, neither. For training and testing purpose, this task must use the dataset used in the Part-A. Training and testing split-up already exists in the code submitted in Part-A of the assignment.   Overview: For designing of the classifi

COIT20264 Network Design Assessment Item 2

Task title: Network design-assessment 2 Subject code: COIT 20264 Objective: To prepare report for the final network design for the given case scenario on the basis of feedback received from the assessment 1. Overview: Beginning with the logical network design provided by the students in the assignment 1, this part of assignment includes the physical network design for the similar case scenario. University: CQUniversity   Tool requirement: cisco packet tracer. Task delive

COIT20264 Network Design Assessment Item 1

Title of task: Assessment 1- Network design Subject code: COIT 20264 Objective: To utilize top down network methodology in order to design logical network on the basis of given scenario. Overview: In this assignment, there are two parts a student needs to cover such as Part A and Part B. Part A requires to analyze the provided scenario in order to prepare as well as develop a presentation of logical network design. Student should create video presentation. Part B requires to write a re


Trimester: T2 2019 Assignment 1 Unit Code: MN603 Assessment Title: Evaluation of 5G Network and the Security     Overview The main purpose of the report is to find problems related to 5G technology compared to wireless communication technologies. The report includes proposed solutions that shed light on problems related to 5G technology that can be avoided. Wireless communication standards are also evaluated, and the report compare