COIT20261 Routing and Switching_Assignment _T219 - assgt2

COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching Term 2, 2019 Assessment item-Written Assessment-2 Overview The assessment task requires to undergo the learner’s knowledge and hands of experience in the concept of routing while performing various tasks. The task will be covered in the template provided to every individual. The assessment includes three questions based on networking and techniques of routing. Answer 1: Routing Table construction In this task, complete routing table is


Overview The assessment will undergo five phases starting with the Measuring of hop count; this section will include the tracing of certain websites like, and many more with the help of using the traceroute command which will be implemented on the Linux terminal. As the command will allow hop count to reach the request to the destination. The second section will be used to set the parameters that will be used in tracing the website. These parameters includ

ITC513_Assessment item 2 Task & Design Project

Assessment item 2: Task & Design Project                                Task 1: Free Space Propagation and Path Loss A complete MATLAB code that must calculate all the attributes like free space propagation, transmit power and free space path loss is submitted. The code will be in executable GNU Octave code with all the plots in a singl

MN503 Assignment-2-T3

Overview Education Consulting firm has 5 departments i.e. front-desk, manager, consultants, finance and guest. These 5 departments are configured with VLANs which will enable the user to configure access-list easily. For designing and configuring the network, the NetSim Boson Software is used because the assessment is based on NetSim Boson. The NetSim Boson tool provider various Cisco based hardware devices for configuration but, no servers are provided for configuration. To complete the asse