Project Management Capstone

Assessment Task Prepare and submit a 3000 words final report that details the outcomes and findings of your Capstone Project and document your learning and application of theory into a practical project experience. Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task. Context Project Managers engage in formal and informal communications activities throughout the project, to ensure that clear and unambiguous messages are transmitted between team members and project st

Contracts and Procurement

Context: Assessment 3 Context Assessment 3 is about best project procurement practice and exploring the benefits of performance-based contracting to develop performance criteria, monitoring processes, contract terms and processes that ultimately achieves a strong focus on project procurement outcomes and behaviours. It builds on Assessment 1 and 2 by using the ideas and issues raised to identify key issues that can be consolidated by the Groups to achieve focused actions for best Practice and

Project Execution and Control

Task Summary In this assessment, you are required to write an individual report of 2000 words (excluding tables, figures, and graphs) proposing a change to be implemented in the case study, provided by the Learning Facilitator, addressing: Change impact analysis, tools & techniques to manage the change, integrated change control process to submit the change and options to implement the change along with its associated risks. A change request form must also be submitted attached to the

MIS 604 Requirements Engineering

Task Summary This Assessment requires you to respond to a case study. The same case study will be used for all three assessments so that you can develop insights into the different facets of Requirements Engineering. For this assessment, you are required to produce an individual report of 1500 words (+/-10%) detailing a requirements elicitation plan for the case organisation. The report should contain the following: A Stakeholder Engagement Plan detailing: a. Stakeholder list b.