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Students often get confused with the concepts of networking like LAN, WAN, MAN, Internet, Storage Area, etc. These are hard to understand due to the complexity of the topic and eventually shortens the deadlines under pressure. The students also find it challenging to deal with simulation software such as Cisco Packet Tracer, Boson NetSim, GNS3, etc. due to limited time available.

However, Quick Assignment’s networking experts, who are experts in their respective areas, can withstand this spam of time. As the experts are professionals, hired from different organizations, who know how to deal with the assessment works related to networking, such as preparing logical and physical designs for the scenario by using various designing tools like Microsoft Visio, Diagram Designer, Draw.io and many more.

The communal classes of networking are provided as underneath Internet: This network is mainly used in the latest private, public, commercial, academic, governmental networks connected and managed by wireless and fibre optic technologies. Computer network mapping helps experts distinguish the Internet as a global sharing network connected by a network system using TCP/IP to transfer data.

LAN: A network system installed in the building and operated under one administrative system is LAN. This type of network is used in the offices of organizations, schools, colleges/universities, etc. A LAN usually has its server, which has its applications and storage systems shared by users. WAN: WAN is defined as a computer network that covers a wide area that can include provinces and even the whole country. This type of system is used in the telecommunications sector. This network has a very high speed. Therefore, users must spend a large amount of money to get services from this network

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